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GaggleAMP Amplify

My role: user interface, visual design, front end development.

The Challenge

GaggleAMP is a service that allows businesses and social media managers to engage their employees, partners, and customers to help spread their social media messages. The CEO and founder of GaggleAMP was formerly my manager at where I was his Lead Web Designer so when he needed someone to design the UI of his new project, he called me. I have worked with GaggleAMP on an as needed, freelance basis for several years on an assortment of products and services.

For the Amplify product, the client wanted to take a modular approach because components were going to be used on different screens for different users. He wanted it to feel friendly but business appropriate. We also needed to add a considerable number of features while maintaining coherence and easy access to all of them.

GaggleAMP manager main

table design tab bar code

My Process

  • Interface component and interaction design
  • Screen shot development
  • Client review
  • HTML/CSS prototype development

The Journey

My primary involvement with this project is interaction, user interface, and visual design. Sometimes I work with the client to establish workflows and layouts, and sometimes I am provided with wireframes they have already worked out as a starting point, but I am generally responsible for designing the interaction of each feature as we add it.

I start by establishing a look and feel for standard page components: tables, forms, blocks, nav bars, modal popups, buttons, text content, etc. I then build out full visual designs for each individual screen, and work out the processes used to accomplish tasks within the system. After reviewing with the client and making any necessary revisions, I translate my screen designs into HTML and CSS, incorporating Javascript/jQuery to demonstrate more complex interactions. My final deliverables to the client's development team are a combination of html mockups and layered photoshop files.

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