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Jenzabar Appointments

My role: user experience, user interface, visual design

The Challenge

College student resources, like math labs and writing centers, need to offer regularly scheduled appointments. Faculty, advisors, and other people on campus need to schedule office hours, advising sessions and other times for students to meet with them.

We noticed our clients struggling to find a great solution for on campus appointment scheduling. None of the systems they tried or created were able to completely and easily satisfy their needs. Also, none of them were integrated with our campus portal, which is the primary place their faculty and students interact online.

Jenzabar Appointments

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user stories

My Process

  • Requirements analysis and generating user stories
  • Competitive analysis of interface and interaction
  • Iterative process design and layout design
  • Team and client reviews
  • Visual interface design and screen shot development
  • Specification of individual, Agile-friendly, user stories
  • Developer support
  • Interface testing
  • CSS/layout refinement

The Journey

It became clear early on that the best way for our users to visualize their availability, appointments, and other events was through a calendar interface. A quick survey of other calendars that our clients use let us pinpoint the ways that they are already familiar with adding, rescheduling, viewing and generally interacting with events over time. We wanted Appointments to work the way our users expect a calendar to work in general so we could focus on the areas where we needed to do things differently to accommodate the special functionality we were adding.

As I worked through several iterations of process and screen designs, I reviewed them regularly with our other UX designers, stakeholders, and potential end users to make sure I was always thinking from the user perspective.

Once I had established the overall workflows and layout of the screens, I worked through them to refine the visual design. As a new product, we wanted Appointments to have a clean, simple, and contemporary look that mostly stays out of the way and lets you get to the task at hand.

With the big picture in place, I then returned to the original user stories that I started designing from and developed a specification for each one showing the screens and describing the processes and user flows for each so that our developers could build the product using an agile approach.

Throughout the development process, I worked with the developers as needed, and helped test each user story as the functionality was built to support it.

Jenzabar Appointments