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Jenzabar Retention

My role: user experience, user interface, visual design

The Challenge

Colleges and universities need to know when their students are struggling. Tuition is a school's primary source of income and student persistance and retention is important in so many ways for every institution. A student's success or failure can be effected by a broad range of factors. Bringing together all of these factors and other critical information to give a student success team a complete picture of every student and their likelihood of retention is an ongoing challenge at most schools.

Jenzabar Retention is a complete student retention management system combining predictive data modeling with an early warning system, and a suite of other tools, to highlight students that are at risk of leaving their institution.

Jenzabar Retention

user persona spec page

My Process

  • User research
  • Requirements analysis and generating user stories
  • Iterative process design and layout design
  • Team and client reviews
  • Visual interface design and screen shot development
  • Specification of individual, Agile-friendly, user stories
  • Developer support
  • Interface testing
  • CSS/layout refinement
  • Pilot and beta programs

The Journey

Retention has been one of my main responsibilities for the past 4 years. In that time we have released 8 major versions of the product, adding considerable new functionality to respond to clients needs and feedback.

As a team we are in nearly constant contact with many of our end users. I have done user interviews and participated in focus groups and pilot programs for each new version we release. I have also met with clients in person at our company’s annual conference and a student retention conference we ran in conjunction with Carroll University. We also have active list serves specific to the product, and services teams and a project manager who is a former end user and maintains regular contact with our user base.

Unlike projects where the problem is trying to get enough feedback, we have a constant stream that I filter through and align with the different types of users we have, to figure out the best way to move the product forward to meet the needs of the most users possible.

As an emerging field, student retention has no road map. We didn't have an industry leader to emulate. Lately, our sales teams have heard from our competition that Jenzabar Retention is the product they are trying to catch up with.

Jenzabar Retention